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IEESPA4111 – Introduction to Microeconmics

Muhammad Nasir, Arifin

  • Edisi 1 / 3 SKS / 9 Modul
  • 382 Pages: ilustration; 27 cm
  • ISBN
  • Tangerang Selatan: Universitas Terbuka, 2023
  • DDC Classification [23]

Introduction to Microeconomics/IEESPA4111 is a course that studies the behavior of consumers and companies and the determination of market prices and the number of inputs or services traded. The introductory microeconomics course also discusses how these decisions and behaviors affect the supply and demand for goods and services. Individuals will carry out a combination of consumption and production with the assumption of ceteris paribus. The topics that will be discussed in this course include basic concepts and economic activities, pricing, consumer behavior theory, production theory, factor pricing, market structure, market balance, and energy and power microeconomics applications. Evaluation of learning outcomes is carried out in each module, tutorial assignments for students following tutorials, and end-of-semester exams.

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