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IEESPA4420 – International Financial Economics

Mahyus Ekananda

  • Edisi 1 / 3 SKS / 9 Modul
  • 382 Pages: ilustration; 27 cm
  • ISBN
  • Tangerang Selatan: Universitas Terbuka, 2023
  • DDC Classification [23]

The IEESPA4420 International Financial Economics explains the critical role of international financial and economic relations, the international financial system, and economic integration. Then emphasizes the discussion of the financial economy because of economic integration between countries such as in ASEAN and the European Union. This study consists of the international financial system, international economic integration, international capital markets, forms of investment, international funding systems, and the economic crisis in Indonesia. Evaluation of learning outcomes in this course is carried out through exercises contained in each module. Tutorial assignments are involved in various tutorials and the final exam.

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